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Biographical Master List

The purpose of this page is to provide a central reference to the more substantive of the biographical sketches of medieval townspeople dispersed across various of the Medieval English Towns pages. Links to key external sites with biographical information are also included. The list comprises names, an indicator of the main claim(s) to fame, and the location with which principally associated.

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- A -

Acton, Richard; wool merchant and mayor, Newcastle

Albeyn, John; tanner and bailiff, Nottingham

Alestre, John; wool merchant and mayor, Nottingham

Amyas, William; merchant and chantry founder, Nottingham

Ashebourne, William; town clerk, Lynn

Askham, William; fishmonger and mayor, London

- B -

Baker, William; netter and constable, Reading

Bamme, Adam; goldsmith and mayor, London

Barentyn, Drew; goldsmith and alderman, London

Baret, John; merchant, Bury St. Edmund's

Barton, Henry; skinner and mayor, London

Baxter, John; mayor, Reading

Bedeham, John; chantry founder, London

Bedingham, Ralph; merchant, Lynn

Belleyetere, Edmund; merchant vintner, Lynn

Betele, Henry; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Bilney, John; merchant and reformer, Lynn

Bitering, William; vintner and mayor, Lynn

Bixley, John; mercer and mayor, Norwich

Blakeney, William; sailor, Lynn

Blaunche, John; cooper, Lynn

Bolt, John; merchant, Lynn

Botkesham, Robert; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Botkesham, Thomas; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Bramptone, William; fishmonger and alderman, London

Brandon, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Braunch, Ancelm; merchant and jurat, Lynn

Braunch, John; merchant and jurat, Lynn

Braunch, Robert; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Brembre, Nicholas; grocer and mayor, London

Brewer, William; town founder, Axminster, Bridgwater, Chesterfield

Brigge, Thomas; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Brompton, John; merchant and keeper, Beverley

Brunham, John; merchant, mayor, father of Margery Kempe, Lynn

Brunham, Robert; vintner and mayor, Lynn

Bruyn, John; bailiff, Bridgnorth

Brycham, William; fishmonger and merchant, Lynn

Bryghtzeve, John; merchant and jurat, Lynn

Brycham, William; fishmonger and merchant, Lynn

Brynton, William; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Bukerel, Andrew; merchant and mayor, London

Bukworth, John; reformer, Lynn

Burghard, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Bye, Thomas; fuller? and mayor, Reading

- C -

Cambridge, William; grocer, alderman, London

Carpenter, John; town clerk, London

Carpenter, Thomas; mercer and mayor, Reading

Causton, John; chantry founder, London

Chichele, Robert; merchant and mayor, London

Clech, Richard; draper and mayor, Reading

Clopton, Robert; draper and mayor, London

Cokesford, Hamon; jurat, Lynn

Cokesford, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Cokesford, Robert; lawyer/administrator, Lynn

Cooke, Thomas; jurat, Lynn

Couteshale, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Costyn, Geoffrey; bailiff, Ipswich

Coventre, John; mercer and mayor, London

Crowmere, William; draper and mayor, London

- D -

Denton, John; administrator and mayor, Newcastle

Drayton, Thomas; merchant, administrator, Yarmouth

Drewe, Geoffrey senior; jurat, Lynn

Drewe, Geoffrey junior; merchant guild alderman, Lynn

Drewe, John; merchant and jurat, Lynn

Drewe, Thomas senior; mayor, Lynn

Drewe, Thomas junior; merchant and mayor, Lynn

- E -

Ellingham, Hugh; mercer and vintner, Lynn

Ellingham, William; mercer and jurat, Lynn

Elys, Henry; jurat, Lynn

Emeldon, Richard; wool merchant and bailiff, Newcastle

Erl, William; vintner, Lynn

Essex, William; draper and parliamentary representative, London

- F -

Falyate, John; merchant, Lynn

Fastolf, Hugh; sailor, administrator, Yarmouth

Fastolf, Hugh; grocer and alderman, London (same as Yarmouth man)

Fauconer, Thomas; mercer and mayor, London

Faukes, Thomas; merchant, Lynn

Feld, John; fishmonger and alderman, London

FitzThomas, Thomas; draper, mayor and Montfortian, London

Fox, John; mayor, Lollard sympathiser, Northampton

Frank, Philip; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Frank, Richard; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Fransham, Geoffrey; merchant, Lynn

Frere, Richard; town clerk, Lynn

Frost, William; mayor, York

Fyncham, John; administrator, Lynn

- G -

Galt, Henry; goldsmith?, Lynn

Galyon, Roger; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Gaysele, Geoffrey; merchant, Lynn

Gedney, John; draper and mayor, London

Godestone, Thomas; administrator, Colchester

Gosselyn, Richard; chantry founder, London

Graper, Peter; bailiff, Newcastle

Gunton, Simon; merchant and mayor, Lynn

- H -

Hadley, John; grocer and mayor, London

Halleyate, William; reformer, Lynn

Halteby, John; "king of Ipswich"

Haukyn, Gilbert; bailiff, Newcastle

Hervey, Walter; populist mayor, London

Hunderpound, William; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Hunte, Thomas; merchant and mayor, Lynn

- K -

Keep, John; merchant and administrator, Lynn

Kempe, John; merchant, father-in-law of Margery Kempe, Lynn

Kempe, Margery; mystic, Lynn

Kenynghale, John; merchant, Lynn

Knolles, Thomas; grocer and mayor, London

- L -

Lakinghithe, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Lathe, John; vintner?, Lynn

Lech, Richard; mayor, Reading

Lede, Jakemin; Flemish merchant's factor, Leicester

Lendall, William; constable, Reading

Linacre, William; mayor, Reading

Lok, John; merchant, Lynn

Louthe, William; goldsmith and alderman, London

- M -

Mafey, Peter; merchant, Lynn

Malyn, William; wool merchant and smuggler, Ipswich

Mapurley, Thomas; lawyer and recorder, Nottingham

Martyn, Nicholas; merchant, reformer, Lynn

Metcalfe, Miles; lawyer, York

More, John; reformer and alderman, London

Muriell, John; merchant, reformer, Lynn

- N -

Neell, Richard; sailor, Lynn

Nicholas, Cristin; mayor, Reading

Nicholasson, James; shoemaker, foreigner, Lynn

Norbury, Richard; mercer and alderman, London

Northampton, John; reformer and mayor, London

Northwold, William; clergyman, heretic, Northampton

- O -

Oxneye, William; merchant, Lynn

- P -

Paxman, Roger; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Paynot, Thomas; merchant, Lynn

Perbroun, John; admiral, administrator, Yarmouth

Permonter, John; vintner and mayor, Lynn

Petypas, Bartholomew; reformer and mayor, Lynn

Philpot, John; grocer and mayor, London

Polle, Thomas; goldsmith and alderman, London

Preston, John; administrator, Ipswich

Preston, John; administrator, Ipswich

Pulter, Robert; victualler?, Lynn

- R -

Rafman, Henry; administrator and debtor, Yarmouth and Norwich

Ramsey, Ralph; administrator, soldier, Yarmouth

Reppes, Laurence; villein?, tanner, jurat, Lynn

Ryghtwys, Thomas; merchant and mayor, Lynn

- S -

Salisbury, Robert; merchant, Lynn

Sevenok, William; mayor, London

Shadworth, John; mercer and mayor, London

Silesden, William; merchant, Lynn

Snawsell, William; mayor, York

Sparham, Thomas; merchant and violence victim, Lynn

Spicer, John; victualler?, customs administrator, Lynn

Spyr, William; mercer and jurat, Lynn

Stace, Geoffrey; administrator and kidnapper, Ipswich

Stace, Thomas; bailiff, Ipswich

Staundon, William; grocer and mayor, London

Stormesworth, Richard; bailiff, Lollard opponent, Northampton

Style, John and Thomas; merchants, Lynn

Sustede, John; merchant and jurat, Lynn

Sutton, John; merchant, Lynn

Swanton, William; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Swerdestone, Alan; merchant, Lynn

Swerdestone, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Swerdestone, Nicholas; disgraced burgess, Lynn

Systerne, Bartholomew; merchant and coroner, Lynn

Systerne, Reginald; merchant and jurat, Lynn

- T -

Taillur, Philip; mercer and alderman, London

Thewyt, Richard; merchant, Lynn

Thirsford, John; parliamentary representative, Lynn

Thorpe, Richard; merchant, Lynn

Tilney, John; draper, Lynn

Tilney, John; lawyer and administrator, Lynn

Trussebut, Thomas; merchant, Lynn

- U/V -

Urry, Walter; merchant, Lynn

Usk, Thomas; scribe and author, London

Vannere, Henry; vintner and alderman, London

Venour, William; grocer and alderman, London

Vyell, John; mayor and cloth merchant, Bristol

- W -

Wace, John; mercer and mayor, Lynn

Walden, William; brewer, reformer, Lynn

Waldern, Geoffrey; draper and councillor, London

Waldern, William; mercer and mayor, London

Walpole, Robert; draper, Lynn

Walsoken, Adam; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Walworth, William; fishmonger and mayor, London

Warner, John; ironmonger and alderman, London

Waryn, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Waterden, John; lawyer, Lynn

Waterden, Robert; mercer, Lynn

Waterden, Thomas; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Wentworth, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Wesenham, John; merchant and mayor, Lynn

Weston, John; chantry founder, London

Wetherby, Thomas; mayor, Norwich

White, John; clergyman, London

Whittington, Richard; "thrice lord-mayor of London"

Willeford, Henry; mayor, Nottingham

Woodcock, John; mercer and mayor, London

Wyth, William; jurat, Lynn

- X/Y/Z -

Yelverton, William; judge, Norwich

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: The nature of surviving records from borough, national, or ecclesiastical archives of medieval England is such that it is the mercantile and property-holding segment of urban society that is best documented. We know little about individuals from the lower rungs of the social ladder, and even with those at the apex of that society, biographical reconstruction is often sketchy. Some modern studies of particular towns include biographies of a few selected townsmen. The single most useful source, however, is J.S. Roskell, L. Clark, and C. Rawcliffe eds., The History of Parliament: The House of Commons 1386-1421, Stroud: Alan Sutton, 1992. Although not entirely free of errors, the biographies are scholarly and often detailed.

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