Coins of the Roman Emperors

Compiled by Mike DiMaio

This collection of imperial images on Roman coinage covers emperors of the third, fourth, and fifth centuries and is derived from H. Cohen, Description historique des monnaies frappées sous l'Empire romain, Paris, 1880-1892.. It is meant to supplement Justin Paola's web site "A Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors". Our collection of imperial images is used to illustrate the various essays that make up the De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors.

List of Graphics

Septimius Severus   193-211 AD
    Julia Domna wife of Septimius  
Caracalla   211-217 AD
    Publia Fulvia Plautilla wife of Caracalla  
Geta   211-212 AD
Macrinus   217-218 AD
Diadumenius   218 AD
Elagabal   218-222 AD
    Julia Cornelia Paula Elaganal's 1st wife 
    Aquila Severa Elaganal's 2nd wife  
    Annia Faustina Elaganal's 3rd wife  
    Julia Soemias Elaganal's mother  
    Julia Maesa Elaganal's grandmother  
Uranius Antoninus pretender under Elaganal  
Alexander Severus   222-235 AD
    Julia Mamaea Alexander Severus' mother  
    Sallustia Barbia Alexander Severus' wife  
Maximinus Thrax   235-238 AD
    MaximusMaximinus Thrax's son  
    Caecilia PaulinaMaximinus Thrax's wife  
Gordian I   238 AD
Gordian II   238 AD
Balbinus   238 AD
Pupienus   238 AD
Gordian III   238-244 AD
    Tranquillina wife of Gordian III  
Philippus I the Arabian   244-249 AD
    coin for all three P I,II
    son of P I, & Otacilia wife of P I
Philippus II   247-249 AD
Marinus Pacatianus pretender under Philippus I  
Iopatianus pretender under Philippus I  
Sponsianus pretender under Philippus I  
Decius   249-251
    Etruscilla and Herennius wife and son of Decius  
    Hostilianus son of Decius  
Trebonianus Gallus   251-253 AD
    Volusianus son of Trebonianus Gallus  
Aemelianus   253 AD
Valerian I   253-260 AD
Gallienus w/ val   253-268 AD
    Salonina wife of Gallienus  
    Gallienus (picture of emp)    
    Salonina wife of Gallienus  
Valerian ii   256-258
Pretenders under Gallienus
Macrianus Senior   260-261 AD
Macrinus Junior   260-261 AD
Quietus   260-261
Regalianus   260-261 AD
    Dryantilla wife of Regalianus  
Gallic Emperors
Postumus   260-269 AD
Laelianus   269
Victorinus I   269-270 AD
Marius   269
Tetricus I   271-274
Tetricus II   273-274
Claudius II   268-270
Quintillius pretender under Claudius II  
Aurelian   270-275 AD
    Ulpia Severina wife of Aurelian  
domitianus pretender under Aurelian  
Palmyran Empire
Zenobia   267-272
Vabalathus = athenodorus 272
Tacitus   275-276
Florianus   276
Probus   276-282
Carus   282-283
Numerian   283-284
Carinus   283-285
    Nigrinianus son of Carinus  
Maximianus Herculius   285-310
    Theodora daughter of Maximianus Herculius  
    Fausta daughter of Maximianus Herculius  
    Maxentius son of Maximianus Herculius  
    L. Domtius Alexander pretender under Maxentius 
Bristish Empire
Carausius   286-293
Allectus   293-297
Helen CM's mother  
Galerius   293-311
    Galeria Valeria wife of Galerius  
Severus II   305-307
Maximinus Daia   305-313
Licinius   308-324
Crispus son of CM  
Constans I   337-350
Vetranio   350
Magnentius   350-353
    Decentius Magnentius's caesar  
Gallus Caesar   351-354
Julian   360-363
    Helen Julian's wife  
Jovian   363-364
Valentinian I   364-375
Valens   364-378
Procopius   365-366
Gratian   367-383
Valentinianus II   375-392
Theodosius I   378-395
    Flavia Flacilla Theodosius I's wife  
    Magnus Maximus pretender under Theodosius I  
    Flavius Victor pretender under Theodosius I  
    Eugenius pretender under Theodosius I  
    Galla Placidia daughter of Theodosius I  
Constantine iii   407-411
Maximus   409-411
Jovinus   411-413
Sebastianus   412-413
Attalus   409-410, 414-415
John   423-425
Licinia Eudoxia wife of Valentinian III  
Petronius Maximus   455
Majorian   457-461
Severus iii   461-465
Anthemius   467-472
Olybrius   472
Glycerus   473-474
Julius Nepos   474-475
Romulus Augustulus   475-476

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