WEMSK35a:Old Church Slavic Literature

                              WEMSK 35a -- OChSl Literature

                 Old Church Slavic Manuscripts

[Pam = Pamiatniki staroslavianskago iazyka.  Izd. Otdelenia
russkago iazyka i slovosnosti Imp. Ak. Nauk (St. Petersburg, 1900-
). The fullest chrestomathy is: Milos Weingart and Jan Kurz, Texty
ke studiu jazyka a pisemnictvi staroslovenskeho, 2d ed. (Prague,


1. Joseph S. Roucek, ed., Slavonic Encyclopedia (NY: Philosophical
Library, 1949).  Not always trustworthy, but handy.

2. Marija Gimbutas, The Slavs. Ancient Peoples and Places (NY:
Praeger, 1971). A good work by an authority.  Thin, but a good read

3. Samuel Hazzard Cross, Slavic Civilization Through the Ages
(Cambridge: Harvard, 1948).  Authoritative.

4. Leonid I. Strakhovsky, A Handbook of Slavic Studies (Cambridge:
Harvard, 1949).

5. Francis Dvornik, The Slavs in European History and Civilization
(New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 1962).

6. Reinhold Trautmann, Die slavischen Voelker und Sprachen. Eine
Einfuehrung in die Slavistik (Goettingen: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht,
1947).  Far out of date, but still a good starting place.  Reads

                         Cyrill & Method

[Old Slavic begins with the two brothers from Thessalonika, Cyrill
(also known as Constantine/Konstantin) and Method, "Apostles of the
Slavs." The literature on the two is enormous; these will get you
on your feet.]

1. Francis Dvornik, Byzantine Missions Among the Slavs. Rutgers
Byzantine Series (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 1970). The best

2. A French translation of the sources: Francis Dvornik, Les
legendes de Constantin et de Methode vues de Byzance (Prague,
1933), 359-93.

3. Franz Grivec, Konstantin und Method, Lehrer der Slaven
(Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1960).


[This subject will naturally be taken up in the section on the
OChSl language, but let me present some here]

1. As Joseph Puryear did for Gothic, Irina Liusen (Lyse/n) has
presented us with a Greek-OChSl concordance, with the Greek as the
point of departure, an approach from which much can be learned, e.
g. how `slavish' the OChSl translators were: Grechesko-
staroslavianskii konkordans k drevneishim spiskam slavianskogo
prevoda evangelii (codices Marianus, Zographensis, Assemanianus,
Ostromiri). Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Studia Slavica
Upsaliensia 36 (Uppsala, 1995).

2. The standard dictionary: Linda Sadnik and Rudolf Aitzetmueller,
Handwoerterbuch zu den altkirchenslavischen Texten. Slavistic
Printings and Reprintings 6 (The Hague: Mouton, 1955).  In three
parts: a standard dictionary, a reverse dictionary, a sort of
etymological dictionary.  Excellent.

3. You will be able to find translations fairly easily, since most
OChSl texts are translations of the Greek, but Hans Holm Bielfeldt,
Altslawische Grammatik. Slawistische Bibliothek 7 (Halle: Max
Niemeyer, 1961) has a number of texts with a facing page

4. For a large scale grammar:

a. Paul Diels, Altkirchenslavische Grammatik, 2 vols. Sammlung
Slavischer Lehr- und Handbuecher. 1. Reihe: Grammatiken, 6
(Heidelberg: Winter, 1932).  The standard. Vol. 2 is a good

b. Andre Vaillant, Manuel du vieux slave, 2 vols. Collection de
manuels publiee par l'Institut d'Etudes Slaves 6 (Paris: Institut
d'Etudes Slaves, 1948).  Vol. 2 is a chrestomathy.

5. For an easy introduction: Philip J. Regier, A Learner's Guide to
the Old Church Slavic Language. Slavistische Beitraege 109 (Munich:
Sagner, 1977.

6. Bibliography.  See WEMSK34.

7. Paleography. See WEMSK34.

                           The Corpus

[Since there seems to be no full listing of the OChSl corpus, even
in Diels, I list it here:]

1.  Codex Zographensis.  Glagolitic, parchment, 303 ff. 288 ff. of
a tetraevangelion, followed by a synaxary (16 ff.), a calendar of
saints' days with an indication of the gospel for the day, in
Cyrillic of later date.  St. Petersburg Public Library.  Vatroslav
Jagic, Quattuor evangeliorum codex glagoliticus olim Zographensis
nunc Petropolitanus (Berlin: Weidmann, 1879; repr. Graz:
Akademischer Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1954).

2.  Codex Marianus.  Glagolitic, parchment, 174 ff.
Tetraevangelion.  Lenin Public Library, Moscow & Vienna National
Library (2 ff., ff. 1 and 2).  Vatroslav Jagic, Quattuor
evangeliorum versionis palaeoslovenicae codex Marianus glagoliticus
(Berlin & St. Petersburg: Weidmann, 1883; repr. Graz: Akademischer
Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1960).

3.  Codex Assemanianus.  Glagolitic, parchment, 158 ff.  Vatican.
Gospel pericope (evangelistary, aprakos gospel), followed by a
menology (112 b - 158).  Vatican library.  Josef Vajs & Josef Kurz,
Evangeliarum Assemani, vol. 1 (Prague, 1929); vol 2 (Prague, 1955).
A Cyrillic transcription + photographic facsimile.

4.  The Kiev Missal.  Glagolitic, parchment, 7 ff.  A collection of
the prayers of the mass, or sacramentary, acc. to the Roman rite,
Gregorian sacramentary.  Kiev, National Library of the Ukraine.
Vatroslav Jagic, Glagolitica.  W?rdigung neuentdeckter Fragmente.
Vienna, 1890, Separat from Denkschriften der kaiserlichen Akademie
der Wissenschaften zu Wien, Hist-Phil Klasse 38. Text and Latin
Vorlage in Weingart & Kurz. Perhaps Czech influence in the reflexes
of *tj, *dj, and *stj, *skj.

5.  Psalterium Sinaiticum.  Glagolitic, parchment, 177 ff.
Contains Psalms 1-137.  Monastery of St. Catherine, Mt. Sinai.
Sergei Sever'janov, Sinaiskaia Psaltyr (Petrograd: Akad. Nauk,
1922; repr. Graz: Akademischer Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1954).
Moshe Altbauer, Psalterium Sinaiticum (Skopje, 1971). Photographic
reproduction. Psalms 1-137.

6.  Euchologium Sinaiticum.  Glagolitic, parchment, 109 ff.  A
collection of prayers for various occasions.  Monastery of St.
Catherine and (4 leaves) St. Petersburg Public.  Rajko Nahtigal,
Euchologium Sinaiticum. Starocerkvenoslovanski glagolski spomenik,
Vol. 1 Fotografski posnetik. Akad. Znanosti in Umetnosti, filoz.-
filol.-histor. razred, dela 1, 2 (Ljubljana, 1941); vol. 2, Tekst
s komentarjem (1942).  Cf. also Jan Frcek, Euchologium Sinaiticum.
Texte slave avec sources grecques et traduction fran‡aise, 2 vols.
Patrologia orientalis 24.5, 25.3 (Paris, 1933 and 1939).

7.  Glagolitica Clozianus.  Glagolitic, parchment, 14 ff.  Five
homilies for the Holy Week.  Biblioteca Capitolare, Trento, Italy,
and Innsbruck Ferdinandeum.  Vaclav Vondrak, Glagolita Clozuv
(Prague, 1893).  Antonin Dostal, Clozianus, codex palaeoslovenicus
glagoliticus (Prague, 1959). Translations + glossary.

8. Ochrid leaves. Glagolitic, 2 ff. Odessa University Library. Two
quite damaged leaves of an aprakos gospel, Tuesday after Easter to
the next Monday.  Grigorii Andreevich Il'inskij, Oxridskie
glagolicheskie listki (St. Petersburg, 1915 = Pam III, 2). Cf.
Diels 2.24 f.

9. Ril. Cf. Horace G. Lunt, International Journal of Slavic
Linguistics and Poetics 1/2 (The Hague, 1959), 16-37. One and a
fragment of a leaf. Ephrem Syrus's Paraenesis. Akademy of Science,
St. Petersburg. Grigorii Andreevich Il'inskij, Makedonskii
glagolicheskii listov (St. Petersburg, 1909 = Pam I, 6). Cf. Diels,

10. LO. Unpublished palimpsest. Cf. Horace G. Lunt, "On Slavic
Palimpsests," American Contributions to the 4th International
Congress of Slavicists, Moscow, September, 1958 (= Slavistic
Printings and Reprintings, XXI) The Hague: Mouton, 1958), 191-209.

11. Prague leaves.  Glagolitic. 2 ff. (badly preserved). Archives
of the Chapter of St. Vitus Cathedral. Translation of a Greek
ritual. Not exactly OChSl; has many Western features. Abhandlungen
der K. boehmischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, 5. Folge, Bd.
10. Also in Weingart-Kurz, as well as in Auty, 88-91.

1.  Tsar Samuel's Inscription of 993.  Cyrillic, stone.  Found near
the village of German near Lake Prespa.  Photographs found
everywhere, e.g. A. M. Selishchev, Staroslavjanskij jazyk, vol. 1
(Moscow, 1951) p. 75. A fair one (not a good one) with a
lithographic reproduction is found in Stojan Romanski,
Starobulgarski ezik v obrazci (Sofia: University, 1945), Tables 23
and 24. A nice reproduction in Auty, 72 f.

2.  Codex Suprasliensis. Cyrillic. 285 ff. Scattered: Lubljana
University Library, Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum (St. Petersburg),
Biblioteka Zamoyskich (Warsaw, now lost). Menology (twenty-four
lives of saints and legends for March), twenty-three homilies
(mostly Chrysostom), plus a prayer by Pionios). Our longest
manuscript. Sergei Sever'janov, Suprasl'skaja rukopis' (St.
Petersburg, 1904 = Pam II; repr. in two vols., Graz: Akademischer
Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1956). For a description, see Alfons
Margulies, Der altkirchenslavische Codex Suprasliensis. Sammlung
Slavischer Lehr- und Handbuecher 3.4 (Heidelberg: Winter, 1927).
Good also for the contents of the various pieces.

3.  Savvina Kniga. Cyrillic. 166 ff. Evangelistary and synaxary.
Incomplete. In the Drevnechranilishche Centrarchiva RSFSR.
Vjacheslav Shchepkin, Savvina Kniga (St. Petersburg, 1903 = Pam I,
2; reprint, Graz).

4. Undol'ski. 2 leaves. Cyrillic. Synaxary. Lenin Public, Moscow.
Ed. Evfimii Fedorovich Karskii, Listki Undol'skago (St. Petersburg,
1904). (Pam. I, 3, 1904). Cf. Diels, 2.26 f.

5. Chilandar. 2 ff. Fragments of the teachings of Cyril of
Jerusalem. Central Scientific Library, Odessa. Stepan Mikhailovich
Kul'bakin, Xilandarskie listki (St. Petersburg, 1900 = Pam I, 1).
Cf. Diels, 2.55.

6. Lavrov. Petr Alekseevich Lavrov & Andre Vaillant, "Les Regles de
Saint Basile en vieux slave: Les feuillets du Zograph," RESl 10
(Paris, 1930), 5-35. Cyrillic. Rules for monastics, Pseudo-Basil
(PG 31.1000-1005). Cf. Diels, 2.57. This is an excellent edition,
with the Greek source and a commentary + glossary which includes
the Greek, even a reverse Greek --> OChSl glossary.

7. Hilferding. One leaf. Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.
Perhaps a commentary on the Gospels. Grigorii Andreevich Il'inski,
Makedonskii listov ... (St. Petersburg, 1906 = Pam. I,5). Cf.
Diels, 2.56.


1. Lunt, 12 "Sl: Vatroslav Jagic, Specimina linguae
palaeoslovenicae (SPb, 1882), and thence in the Weingart and
Romanski readers."

2. Psalter of Sluck. Cyrillic. 5 ff. 118th Psalm. Lost. One of our
oldest mss. Izmail Ivanovich Sreznevskii, Drevnie slavianskie
pamiatniki iusovago pis'ma (St. Petersburg, 1866), Introduction,
pp. 21 ff.; Texts, pp. 154 ff. Cf. Diels, 2.31 f.

3. Grigorovics's leaf. Written only on one side. Sreznevskii,
Glagol. pamiatniki, 235 ff. Now lost.

                          Latin Letters

1. Freising Documents. Latin. The only large document in OChSl in
Latin letters, confessional formulas and the like. Vaclav Vondrak,
Frisinske pamatky (Prague, 1896). Perhaps should be called Old
Slovenian. An edition with a photographic facsimile: Fran Ramovs
and Milko Kos, Brizhinski spomeniki. Adademska Biblioteka 9
(Ljubljana: Pri Akademski Zalozbi, 1937). For everything you might
ever want to know about the Freising Documents, including a
translation into Latin, German, English and Slovenian: Brizhinski
spomeniki. Znanstvcenokritichna izdaja. Slovenska akademija
znanosti in umetnosti. Razred za filoloshke in literarne vede. Dela
39 (Lubljana, 1993).  Excellent photographs. Bibliography. BTW,
Schmalstieg, 2d ed., has a dictionary for the Freising documents.

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