A little hastily composed, I fear, but when
I do the redo I'll add and rearrange.


     This is a somewhat difficult concept, and I have simply
followed Twomey (no. 1).  I should mention again, as an aside, that
you can keep up quite well by consulting online sources such as the
archives of Medtextl, the MLA Bibliography, etc. Cf. WEMSK75. Note the
Medtextlers in the following: Michael, Skipper Bill, Julia,

NB. Do not forget the earlier encyclopedists, particularly Pliny
(use the handy Loeb edition, with an English translation; 10 vols.,
1943-62), known to a great extent in the Middle Ages through
Solinus: Theodor Mommsen, C. Iulii Solini collectanea rerum
memorabilium, 2d ed. (Berlin, 1895; great introduction); English
translation: C. Julius Solinus, The excellent and pleasant worke
... De memorabilibus mundi, tr. Arthur Golding (London, 1587; repr.
Gainesville, FL: Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints, 1955; with a
preface by George Kish). For his considerable influence, see the
indices of Manitius.

1. A great survey and introduction is afforded by Michael W.
Twomey's appendix, "Medieval Encyclopedias," in R. E. Kaske, in
collaboration with Arthur Groos and Michael W. Twomey, Medieval
Christian Literary Imagery. A Guide to Interpretation. Toronto
Medieval Bibliographies 11 (Toronto: UTorontoP, 1988), 182-215.

2. Isidor of Seville's _Etymologiae_ have been the recipient of a
number of treatments.

a. PL 82.19-1024 offers an edition by Faustino Arevalo, with notes,
explanations, etc.  It is available, of course, in the online
Migne. Do not overlook this edition if you are working seriously
with Isidore's Etymologiae. Consult the notes.

b. Wallace M. Lindsay, Etymologiarum sive originum libri xx.
Scriptorum classicorum bibliotheca Oxoniensis. 2 vols. (Oxford:
OUP, 1911). This is the `standard' edition.

c. Jose Oroz Reta and Manuel A. Marcos Casquero, San Isidoro de
Sevilla, Etymologias. Edicion bilingue. Introduccion general por
Manuel C. Diaz y Diaz. 2 vols. Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos
433, 434 (Madrid: La Editorial Catolica, 1982-83).  At present the
only complete translation. I should point out that there is a two-
volume Old Spanish translation (Escorial b.I.13): Las etymologias
de San Isidro romanceadas, ed. Joachim Gonzalez Cuenca. Acta
Salamanticensia 139 (1983).

d. A French edition and translation is in the course of appearing,
under the general direction of Jacques Fontaine and Yves Lefevre,
to appear in 21 vols., in the series Auteurs Latins du Moyen age
(Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 1981-).Books 2, 9, 12, 13, 17, 19 have

e. An English translation of parts: Ernest Brehaut, Encyclopedist
of the Dark Ages: Isidore of Seville. Columbia University Studies
in History, Economics and Public Law 48.1 (NY: CUP, 1912; reprinted many

2. Hrabanus Maurus, De rerum naturis (frequently called De universo
by later authorities). PL 111.9-614. Don't forget the indices,
111.1617-21.This is Georg Colvener's edition. Look at the
"Hrabanus-Maurus-Bibliographie," by H. Spelsberg, in Hrabanus
Maurus und seine Schule, Festschrift der Rabanus-Maurus-Schule
1980, ed. W. Boehne (1980), 210-228.

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118.  Elisabeth Heyse, Hrabanus Maurus' Enzyklopaedie `De rerum
naturis': Untersuchungen zu den Quellen und zur Methode der
Kompilation. Muenchener Beitraege zur Mediaevistik und Renaissance-
Forschung 4 (Munich, 1969).

3. Honorius Augustodunensis, Elucidarium. See V. I. J. Flint,
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a. PL 172.1109-1176.

b. Yves Lefevre, L'Elucidarium et les lucidaires. Bibliotheque des
ecoles francaises d'Athenes et de Rome 180 (Paris:  , 1954).
Excellent treatment of the sources (in footnotes), with an edition
and a French `translation'.

c. For the vernacular translations, see Twomey. The Old Norse now
appears in text and translation: Evelyn Scherabon Firchow, The Old
Norse Elucidarius. Orignal Text and English Translation (Columbia,
SC: Camden House, 1992).

4. Honorius Augustodunensis, Imago Mundi.

a. PL 172.115-188.

b. Valerie I. J. Flint, "Honorius Augustodunensis: Imago Mundi,"
Archives d'histoire doctrinale et litteraire du moyen age 49
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c. For the vernacular treatments, see Twomey.

5. Alexander Neckham, De naturis rerum and its metrical paraphrase
Laus sapientie divine,

a. Ed. by Thomas Wright, Rolls Series 34 (London, 1863), 1-354;

b. R. W. Hunt, The Schools and the Cloister: The Life and Writings
of Alexander Nequam, rev. ed., Margaret Gibson (Oxford: OUP, 1984).

6. Bartholomaeus Anglicus, De rerum proprietatibus.

a. Edition. A facsimile reprint of the Frankfurt, 1601, edition:
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Steele. Medieval Library (London: Chatto & Windus, 1924), reprinted
many times. Excerpts from Trevisa.

d. On other vernacular versions, see Twomey.

7. Thomas of Cantimpre, Liber de natura rerum.

a. H. Boese, Thomas Cantimpratensis, Liber de natura rerum. Editio
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8. Vincent of Beauvais, Speculum majus.

a. The Douai edition of 1624 has been reprinted Graz, 1964-65.

b. Cf. the Vincent of Beauvais Newsletter, ed. G. G. Guzman
(Peoria, Il., 1976-.

9. Brunetto Latini, Li livres dou Tresor, ed. Francis J. Carmody.
University of California Publications in Modern Philology 22
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a. There is an English translation, by Paul Barrette and Spurgeon
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b. Julia Bolton Holloway, Brunetto Latini: An Analytic
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translation. Garland Library of Medieval Literature 2 (NY: Garland,
1981). A new edition is being prepared by Barrette and Baldwin.