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Danish Church Art

From Noah to Moses

James Mills



Section Three From Noah to Moses.


Kirkerup. c.1350. (M-K 15-043). Noah's ark. Sect 2, east arch. Shown in three layers, animals and fish in the lower layer, birds in second layer, Noah and family in top layer. On the roof of the ark, six crosses.

Lynge, Frederiksborg. c.1450. Isefjord Workshop. (M-K 16-047) Noah builds ark. Choir, north arch, right pendentive. Left, angel, with nimbus, points towards ark. right, Noah, ax in hand, cuts timber for ark, far right. Scroll, text. Archa noe.

Estruplund. c.1542. (M-K 07-113) Noah. Sect 4, west arch, left. Noah looks out of ark. There is a bird perched atop with branch in beak. Under the ark, the bodies of the drowned.

Estruplund. c.1542. (M-K 07-114) Noah. Sect 4, west arch, right. God, with nimbus and hat. Below, bodies of the drowned.

Lem, Salling. c.1560. (M-K 16-016) Eve. South chapel, north arch, right. Saxthorph describes this wall painting as Noah's offering after the flood. Lower left, angel, hands, palms together, in prayer. Upper left, angel with ring in hand. Center right, Noah sacrifices. Upper right, God's hand comes from cloud holding a hoe. .


Kirkerup. c.1350. 15-042. Noah builds ark. Sect 2, north arch. Poor condition, fragment, lower right. Man, using pit saw, cuts planks for ark.

Oddense. c.1540. Torummmaleren. 20-045.Noah builds ark. Left, Noah, trims beam with broadaxe. Next, woman stands, bottle in right hand, pitcher in left. Center, two men work on ark. Right, man with two horses and wagon.


Maaloev. c.1225. (M-K 17-107) Abraham. North wall, left. Bottom row, left. Figure with raised gold leafed plaster nimbus, souls in his bosom, Abraham. Center, angel with musical instrument. Right, figure with raised gold leafed hat and border of robe.

Sacrifice of Isaac

Kirkerup. c.1350. (M-K 15-040) Sacrifice of Isaac. Sect 2, south arch, left. Part lost, poor condition. Left, Abraham raises right hand, left holds Isaac by hair. Isaac, hands, palms together, in prayer, kneels. right, the sacrificial fire.

Tirsted. c.1400. (M-K 25-060) Abraham and Isaac. Third panel. Left, tree with ram caught in branches, angel, with nimbus, above tree. Center, Abraham raises sword in right hand, angel places hand on Abraham's, Abraham's left hand on Isaac's head. Right, Isaac, on knees and elbows, hands, palms together, in prayer, on altar, flames are shown within altar.

Fanefjord. c.1480. Elmelunde. (M-K 08-038) Abraham and Isaac. North nave, sect 4, north arch. Left, Isaac with bundle of wood on right shoulder. Right, Abraham, sword tucked in crook of right arm, candle in right hand, staff in left. Between Abraham and Isaac, a ram.

Fanefjord. c.1480. Elmelunde. (M-K 08-039) Sacrifice of Isaac. North nave, sect 4, east arch. Upper right, angel halts swing of sword with left hand and points down with right to diminutive man with bundle of leaves who holds animal by hind leg. Center, Abraham, sword held high in right hand, left hand on left shoulder of Isaac. Right, Isaac, kneeling with back towards Abraham, hands palms together.


Bellinge. c.1496. 04-030 Isaac. Sect 3, south arch. Isaac carries wood for the sacrifice, Abraham walks before with staff. Possible parallel to carrying the cross.

Dronninglund. c.1520. 06-029. Sacrifice of Isaac. West wall, middle row, left. Left, castle, center, Abraham swings sword high above head, which is caught by angel above. Abraham, left hand on head of Isaac, who kneels with back toward Abraham, facing sacrificial fire. Upper right, a windmill.

Glesborg. c.1520. 10-027. Isaac. Sect 2, south arch. Far left, ram. Left, Abraham, sword raised in right hand, left hand on head of Isaac. Upper left, angel stops sword. Center, Isaac, facing right, hands, palms together in prayer, kneels. Right, alter with fire on top. Between Abraham and fire, text. abraam offert sin isac efter guds befaling .

Loenborg, c.1560 16-065. Sacrifice of Isaac. Sect 1, east arch, left. Left, Abraham raises sword high above head in right hand, left hand on top of Isaac's head, angel stops swing of sword from cloud. Isaac, kneels, head turned away from Abraham. right, the sacrificial fire. Framed.

Udby, Praesto. c.1400. 27-001. Sacrifice of Isaac. North wall, top. Upper left, angel appears from cloud. Center, Abraham, knife raised in right hand, left hand on head of Isaac, turns head to angel. Right, Isaac, hands, palms together, in prayer, on knees and elbows on altar

Jacob's dream

Tirsted. c.1400. (M-K 25-061) Jacob. First panel. Left, Isaac blesses Jacob while Esau hunts. Right, Jacob's dream of the ladder to Heaven and angels.

Estruplund. c.1542. (M-K 07-108) Jacob's dream. Sect 3, west arch, right. Jacob lies on ground asleep. Above, in cloud, God, crowned, right hand held out chest high palm vertical, left hand holds orb.


Noedebo. c.1425. (M-K 18-029) Joseph. Sect 2, north arch. Described by Saxtorph as scene from Old Testament. Joseph's brothers fool Jacob.

Sejeroe. c.1600. Joseph in Egypt. East arch. Poor condition. Left, Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream. Right, Joseph in prison, two other prisoners sit in stocks.

Sejeroe. c.1600. (M-K 21-013) Joseph in Egypt. East arch, right detail. Joseph in prison.

Sejeroe. c.1600. (M-K 21-014) Joseph in Egypt. East arch, left detail. Poor condition. Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream.

Sejeroe. c.1600. (M-K 21-015) Joseph in Egypt. North arch. Joseph and Potiphar's wife. Left, Potiphar's wife seizes Joseph's cloak as he runs out the door. Right, Potiphar's wife shows Potiphar the cloak as evidence that Joseph tried to seduce her.

Sejeroe. c.1600 (M-K 21-016) Joseph in Egypt. North arch, left detail. Joseph and Potiphar's wife.

Sejerow. c.1600. (M-K 21-017) Joseph in Egypt. North arch, right detail. Joseph and Potiphar's wife.

Soeborg. c.1350. (M-K 23-120) Joseph. West wall. Joseph. Joseph sends his servant to search the belongings of his brothers and the silver cup is found.


Brarup. c.1275-1300(M-K 04-053) Prophet row. Bottom of arch between apse and choir. Some of the prophets may be identified. David, Samuel, Jeremiah, Solomon, and Moses.

Aagerup. c.1500. (M-K 31-055) Moses.

.Gudum. c.1550. (M-K 10-069) Moses. North arch, left. Left, Moses, with horns, and the Jews stand on land. Center, and right, the Red Sea swallows up the Egyptian army. Far right, Pharaoh, crowned, with scepter in right hand.

.Keldby. c.1325. (M-K 14-028) Moses. North wall, left side, second row. Left, Moses and the column of fire. Left, Moses, with nimbus and horns, stands beside a burning bush. Center, Moses, with nimbus and horns, with two other figures, with nimbi. Right, Moses, with nimbus and horns, kneeling, hands outstretched, palms facing. God, with nimbus, appears in the flames of the burning bush. Text above. Moses Aaron.

.Moses and the Ark of the Covenant

.Kirkerup. c.1350. (M-K 15-041) Moses. Sect 2, south arch, right. Moses, with nimbus and horns, seated in boat shaped cart with wheels, (ark of the covenant), left hand holds tablets of the law, right hand a fork, a basket under the tablets.

.Moses and the Tablets of the Law

.Bellinge. c.1496. (M-K 04-019). Moses. Sect 1, south arch. Upper section. God, with cross nimbus, in cloud, hands tablets of law to Moses. Lower section, Habakkuk in discussion. Text. Abacuc.

.Estruplund. c.1542. (M-K 07-094) Moses. Apse, north wall. Moses points to tablets held in left hand.

.Moses and the Golden Calf

.Keldby. c.1325. (M-K 14-034) Moses and the Golden Calf. North wall, second row. Left, Jews cast the golden calf. Right, they kneel before the golden calf, hands, palms together, in prayer.

.Moses and the Manna

.Bellinge. c.1496 (M-K 04-027) Moses. Sect 2, north arch. Left, figure and Moses, with horns, center and right, Jews collect manna in baskets. Left pendentive, man with scroll, text. babel. Sorobabel, architect of the Tower. Right pendentive, man with scroll, text. Davit. David. Possible parallel to Last Supper.

.Dronninglund. c.1520. (M-K 06-012) God in radiance. East wall, top row. God, with nimbus, right hand raised, left arm holds animal in crook of arm, clouds and radiance on either side, scroll, text lost, above. Below God, an arch of cloud to either side of wall-painting. Below the cloud, manna rains from heaven. The Jews gather the manna in cloths and baskets, one gives manna to a figure on the ground. In the center, Moses, with horns.

Moses and the Brazen Serpent

.Tirsted. c.1400. (M-K 25-062) Moses. Second panel. Top lost. Bottom, brazen snake in the desert, on tau cross.

.Dronninglund. c.1520. (M-K 06-030) Moses and the brazen serpent. West wall, middle row, right. Left, snake hanging from lopped tree. Below, the snakes attack a Jew. Center, Moses, staff in left hand, points towards snake with right as he turns to male figure behind

.Gudum. c.1550. (M-K 10-073) Brazen serpent. Left, snakes pursue humans. Center, brazen serpent hangs on tau cross. Left, Moses, with horns.

.Spies return from Canaan

.Bellinge. c.1496 (M-K 04-021) Moses. Sect 1, west arch. Moses' spies return from Canaan bearing bunches of grapes.

.Kirkerup. c.1350. (M-K 15-041) Moses. Sect 2, south arch, right. Moses, with nimbus and horns, seated in boat shaped cart with wheels, (ark of the covenant), left hand holds tablets of the law, right hand a fork, a basket under the tablets.

.Snoldelev. c.1550-075. (M-K 22-066) Several themes. East wall, top row, left. Left, Adam, left hand to mouth with fruit, right hand takes a fruit from Eve, nakedness covered by branch from tree. Tempter in form of snake, holds fruit in mouth. Eve, right hand giving fruit to Adam, left hand covers nakedness with ax? Center left, Aaron and Moses. Moses, with horns, staff in right hand, tables of law in right. In background, serpent on tau cross. Center, tree. Right of tree, man points to Christ on the cross. Above, left of crucifix, angel carries cross. Between man pointing and Christ, angel with empty scroll and man, hands, palms together, in prayer, kneeling. To right of crucifix, angel, hands, palms together, in prayer. Below angel, Agnus Dei, left leg bent back to hold vexillum. Second row, left, dead arise. Right, resurrection. Christ, before empty tomb, vexillum in both hands, stands on dragon and uses vexillum as spear to pierce dragon. Bottom, decoration.

.Snoldelev. c.1550-075. (M-K 22-067). Several themes. East wall, left. Adam and Eve, Aaron and Moses, Tables of the law, Brazen serpent.

.Tirsted. c.1400. (M-K 25-063) Moses. Third panel. Left, spies, one with jew's hat, from Canaan, carry grapes beneath ark of the covenant. Center left, Moses takes tablets of the law from God with left hand, strikes rock with staff with right hand causing water to flow. Center top, God, with cross nimbus, right hand, three fingers extended, in blessing, tablets in left. Center, golden calf on altar. Right, Jews collect manna in a basket. Copyright ©1999, James Mills. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents,including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact.The contents of ORB are copyright © 1995-1999 Laura V. Blanchard and Carolyn Schriber except as otherwise indicated herein.