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Specialized Bibliographies

Medieval Spain

Compiled by Lynn Nelson

      1: Visigothic Spain. a. The Fall of Roman Spain. b. The Organization 
      of Visigothic Spain. c. The Councils of Toledo. d. The Culture and Economy 
      of Visigothic Spain. 2: The Muslim Invasion. a. The Fall of the Visigoths. 
      b. The Muslim Conquest. c. The Emirate of Spain. d. The Umayyad Caliphate 
      of Cordoba. 3: Islamic Spain. a. The Organization of Muslim Spain. b. 
      The Economy of Muslim Spain. c. The Architecture of Muslim Spain. d. 
      Literature and Scholarship in Muslim Spain. 4: The Origins of the Reconquest. 
      a. Covadonga and the Emergence of Leon. b. The Spanish March. c. The 
      Independence of Aragon. d. The Growth of the County Of Barcelona. 5. 
      The Era of the Taifa Kings. a. Sancho the Great and the European Policy 
      of Navarre. b. The Crown of Aragon. c. The Collapse of the Caliphate 
      and the Taifa Kings. d. Alfonso VI and the Cid 6. The Progress of the 
      Reconquista. a. African Invasions. b. Castilian Expansion by Land. c. 
      Aragonese Maritime Expansion. d. Las Navas de Tolosa. 7. The Era of 
      Unrest. a. Civil Wars b. Famine and Plague. c. War Between the Kingdoms. 
      d. French and English Intervention. 8. The Crisis of the Fifteenth Century.	
      a. Economic Decay b. The Great Pogrom. c. Popular Unrest and Civil War. 
      d. The Trastamaras.\franged in simple alphabetical order by author. 
      It is not an exhaustive list, but is restricted to some of the works 
      in English available at the University of Kansas Watson Library. Although 
      some older classics have been included, most of the items are relatively 
      modern, and you will find that the library contains still other material. 
      The paucity of sources reflects the fact that a limited number of Spanish 
      materials have been translated.] Alfonso X and the Jews: an edition 
      of and commentary on Siete partidas 7.24 "De los judios". by Dwayne 
      E. Carpenter. Berkeley: University of California Press, c1986. KKT 2467 
      .M56 D4313 1986 Ashtor, Eliyahu. The Jews of Moslem Spain. translated 
      from the Hebrew by Aaron Klein and Jenny Machlowitz Klein. Philadelphia: 
      Jewish Publication Society of America, c1973- . DS 135 .S7 A8313 Aspects 
      of Jewish culture in the Middle Ages: papers of the eight annual conference 
      of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, State University 
      of New York at Binghamton, 3-5 May, 1974. edited by Paul E. Szarmach. 
      Albany: State University of New York Press, 1979. DS 124 .A74 Baer, 
      Yitzhak. A history of the Jews in Christian Spain. translated from 
      the Hebrew by Louis Schoffman. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society 
      of America, 1961-66. DS 135 .S7 B343 Bard, Rachel. Navarra, the durable 
      kingdom. Reno, Nev.: University of Nevada Press, 1982. DP 302 .N27 
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      on the eve of the \fa short history. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1986. 
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      neighbours: studies in early institutional history. London: Hambledon 
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      David. The rise and fall of the party-kings: politics and society \fynn 
      Nelson. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents,including 
      the header and this copyright notice, remain intact. 

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