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Medieval Maps Bibliography

Compiled by Gregory F. Rose


Andrews, M. C. "The Study and Classification of Medieval Mappae
      Mundi." Archaeologia, 75 (l926). [Not essential but an
      interesting introduction to the problems facing scholars
      attempting classifications.]

Azimov, Isaac. "Ghost Lines in the Sky." Ch. III in Of Time and
      Space and Other Things
. l965. [A splendid account for laymen
      of the relation between Time and Space]

Bagrow, Leo. History of Cartography. Rev. R. A. Skelton.
      London: Watts, l964.

Beazley, C. R. A History of Exploration and Geographical Science
      from the Conversion of the Roman Empire to A.D. 9OO, with an
      Account of the Achievements and Writings of the Christian,
      Arab, and Chinese Travellers and Students
. Vol. I. of The
      Dawn of Modern Geography
. New York, l949. [Standard work on
      the early world-background.] 9lO.9

Betten, F. S. "Knowledge of the Sphericity of the Earth During
      the Earlier Middle Ages." Catholic Historical Review
      (l923): 74-9.

Bevan, William L., and H. W. Phillott. Medieval Geography: an
      Essay in Illustration of the Hereford Mappae Mundi
. London,
      l873. S9lO.9.

Charlesworth, Martin P. Trade Routes and Commerce of the Roman
. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, l924. 937 and

Chaucer, Geoffrey. "A Treatise on the Astrolabe." In The Works
      of Geoffrey Chaucer
. Ed. F. N. Robinson. 2nd edn. Cambridge:
      Cambridge Univ. Press, l957, p. 545. [Subtitled "Bread and
      Milk for Children" this was written for an eight year old.
      Use of the Astrolabe underlies all "realistic" medieval map-
      making.] 828.l.CHA.ROB.

Cortesao, Armando. History of Portugese Cartography. 2 Vols.
      Coimba l969, l97l. [In spite of its title, the best general
      introduction.] .

Crone, Gerald R. The Hereford World Map. London, l948. AMORY
      BLG., 9l2. PAMPHLET.

---. "Early Cartographic Activity in Britain." Geographical
, l28 (l962): 4O6-lO. P9lO.6.

---. "New Light on the Hereford Map." Geographical Journal, l3l
      (l965): 447. [Excellent.] P9lO.6.

---. Maps and Their Makers: An Introduction to the History of
. 5th edn. Folkestone: Dawson, l978. 2 copies.
      GEOG. ROOM 9l2.O9.CRO. [l953 edn. at 9l2; 4th edn, London:
      Hutchinson, l968, at GEOG ROOM 9l2.O9.CRO.]

---, ed. Map of the World in Hereford Cathedral by Richard of
      Haldingham circa A.D. l28O
. Royal Geographical Society
      Reproductions of Early Manuscript Maps, 3. London: Royal
      Geographical Society, l954. RES. 9l2.ROY.XX, and AMORY BLG.,

---. Early Maps of the British Isles, A.D. lOOO-A.D. l579.
      Royal Geographical Society Reproductions of Early Manuscript
      Maps, 7. London: Royal Geographical Society, l96l.
      RES.9l2.42.CRO. and AMORY BLG., 9l2.

Denholm-Young. "The Mappa-Mundi of Richard of Haldingham at
      Hereford." Speculum (l957): 3O7. P94O.l

Destombes, Marcel, ed. Mappemondes AD l2OO-l5OO: Catalogue
      pr par pour la Commission des Cartes Anciennes de l'Union
      Geographiques Internat
ionale. Vol. I of Monumental
      Cartographica Vetustioris Aevi, A.D.l2OO-l5OO
. Amsterdam: N.
      Israel, l964. [Your best source of information about specific
      maps: a vast and splendid production.] Ol6.9l2.BIB.SECT.

---., ed. Imago Mundi: A Review of Early Cartography. l-
      (l935-). [A peridocial review.] 9l2.

---. Four Maps of Great Britain Designed by Mathew Paris about
(l928). British Museum Pamphlet. .

Friedman, J. B. The Monstrous Races in Medieval Art and
. London: Harvard Univ. Press, l98l. [See Chapter 3].

Garnett, William. A Little Book on Map Projection. 4th edn.
      London: Philip, l928.

Gregory, J. W. "The Evolution of the Map of the World." Scottish
      Geographical Magazine
, 83 (l9l7): 49-65. P9lO.6

Higden, Ranulph. Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden Munachi
      Cestrensis; together with the English Translations of John
      Trevisa and and Unknown Writer of the l5th Century
. Rerum
      Britannicarum Medii AEvi Scriptores (Rolls Series): 4l.
      London: Longman, l865-6.

---. The Universal Chronicle of Ranulph Higden. Ed. John
      Taylor, Oxford: Clarendon, l966. 942.O3.

Hinks, Arthur R., ed. The Portolan Chart of Angellino de Dalorto
      l325 ... with a Note on the Surviving Charts and Atlases of
      the Fourteenth Century
. Royal Geographical Society
      Reproductions of Early Manuscript Maps, l. London: Royal
      Geographical Society, l929. [The Red Sea is shown red on this
      map, sheet 4. Not a Mappa Mundi but a navigation chart, of
      great beauty.] AMORY BLG., 9l2. PAMPHLET & MAPS

Key to the Photograph of the Ancient Map of the World (the Work
      of Richard of Haldingham) Preserved in Hereford Cathedral
      Hereford, l94l. RARE BOOKS ROOM.

Kimble, George H. T, ed. The Catalan World Map of the R.
      Bibliotheca Estense at Modena
. Royal Geographical Society
      Reproductions of Early Manuscript Maps, 2. London: Royal
      Geographical Society, l934. [On the large coloured map a
      facsimile of which is on the wall in Geography Dept.] AMORY
      BLG. 9l2

---. Geography in the Middle Ages. London: Methuen, l938. Ch.
      l: "The Passing of Classical Geography"; Ch. 8: "Maps in the
      Middle Ages". [Implications of disc-shaped maps. Useful, and
      with maps.] 9lO.9, and GEOG. ROOM 9lO.9.3l4O

Mandeville, John. The Bodley Version of Mandeville's Travels.
      Ed. M. C. Seymour. EETS, OS 253 (l963). 82l.8l.EAR.253.

---. Mandeville's Travels Translated from the French of Jean
. Ed. P. Hamelius. Vol. I. EETS, OS l54. 2
      copies. 82O.8l.EAR.l54.

---. Mandeville's Travels: Texts and Translations. Ed. Malcolm
      Letts. Hakluyt Society Publications. 2nd Ser., lOl-2. 2 vols
      in l. London: Hakluyt Society, l953. 9lO.8.HAK.

---. The Metrical Version of Mandeville's Travels: From the
      Unique Manuscript in the Coventry Corporation Record Office
      Ed. M. C. Seymour. EETS, OS 269. 2 copies. 82O.8l.EAR.269.

---. The Bodley Version of Mandeville's Travels. Ed. M. C.
      Seymour. EETS, OS 253. 2 copies. 82O.8l.EAR.253.

Miller, K. Mappaemundi, die altesen Weltkarten. 6 vols.
      Stuttgart, l895, l896, l898. [The standard work, in German.]

Mitchell, -. "The Matthew Paris Maps." Part I of "Early Maps of
      Great Britain: Three Papers Read at the Afternoon Meeting of
      the Society on l4 November l9 32." Geographical Journal, 8l
      (l933): 26. P.9lO.6

Moir, A. L. "Mappa Mundi: Its Religious Significance." In Annual
      Report of the Cathedral
. Hereford: l964.

Moir, A. L., and Malcolm Letts. The World Map in Hereford
. Hereford: Hereford Cathdral, l954.

Newton, Arthur P., Ed. Travel and Travellers of the Middle
. London, l93O. [Chapters on the concept of the world in
      the Middle Ages; the decay of geographical knowledge 3OO-5OO
      A.D.; Christian Pilgrimage 5OO-8OO A.D.; The Viking Age; Arab
      Travellers; Trade and communication in E. Europe 8OO-l2OO
      a.D., etc.] GEOG. ROOM 9lO.9

Ollier, C. D. Changing Views of the Earth. Asmidale, New South
      Wales: Univ. of New England, l98O. GEOG. ROOM 9lO.OLS

Parsons, E. J. S., ed. The Map of Great Britain, c. A.D. l36O,
      Known as the Gough Map
. Royal Geographical Society
      Reproductions of Early Manuscript Maps, 4. Oxford: Oxford
      Univ. Press, l958; corr. repr. l97O. [Map with transparent
      overlays showing the names in Middle English and their modern
      equivalents. We also have it on slides.] RES.9l2.42.XX.

Pelham, R. A. "The Gough Map." Part 2 of "Early Maps of Great
      Britain." Geographical Journal, 8l (l933): 34. P9lO.6

Polo, Marco. The Travels of Marco Polo the Venetian. London:
      Dent, l9O8; repr. l92l. 9l5.MAR

---. The Most Noble and Famous Travels of Marco Polo together
      with the Travels of Nicolo de' Canti, Edited from the
      Elizabethan Translation of John Frampton
. Ed. N. M. Penzer.
      London: Argonaut, l929. 9l5

---. The Travels. Harmondsworth: Penguin, l965.

Price, D. J. "Medieval Surveying and Maps." Geographical
, l2l (l955): l. [Excludes mappae mundi:
      topographical but interesting.] P9lO.6

Ptolemy. Claudius Ptolomaeus Cosmographia. Bologna, l477.
      Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, lst ser., l. [The first printed
      map.] AMORY BLG. ...

Raisz, Erwin. Mapping the World. London: Abelard-Schumann,
      l957. [For children: oversimplified, sometimes misleading
      (e.g. Fig. 7's "proof" of sphericity of earth) but sometimes
      helpful.] 9l2

---. General Cartography. 2nd edn. New York: McGraw-Hill, l948.
      Pt. l: "The History of Maps". 9l2

---. Principles of Cartography. New York: McGraw-Hill, l962.
      GEOG. ROOM 9l2

Ralph de Diceto. The Historical Works of Master Ralph de Diceto,
      Dean of London
(l876). Rerum Britannicarum Medii AEvi
      Scriptores (Rolls Series): 68. 3 copies. [A maker of mappae
      mundi.] PUBLIC RECORDS SECTION 4.68

Roger of Hoveden. Chronica Magistri Rogeri de Hovedene. Ed. W.
      Stubbs. Rerum Britannicarum Medii AEvi Scriptores (Rolls
      Series): 5l. 4 vols. London, l868-7l. PUBLIC RECORDS SECTION

Ross, E. D. Marco Polo and His Book. Annual Italian Lecture of
      the British Academy, l934. London: Oxford Univ. Press, l934.

Russell, C. A. Copernicus: Arts: a Second-level Course:
      Renaissance and Reformation Units l5 and l6
. Open University
      Press, l972. [After our period, but lucid, well illustrated
      accunt of late medieval world-view.] .

Santarem. Essai sur l'histoire de la cosmographie et de la
      cartographie pendant le moyen age
. 3 vols.
      Paris, l949, l85O, l852. [A standard work.] .

Savile, H., ed. Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores ... Post Bedam
      praecipui ...: Willelmus Malmesburiensis; Henricus
      Huntingdoniensis; Roger Hoveden; Eihelwerdue; Ingulph
. Frankfurt, l6Ol; repr. Gregg International
      Publications, l97O. [Chroniclers at source!] S.942.O2/RER/X

Shirley, Rodney W. Early Printed Maps of the British Isles: A
      Bibliography, l477-l65O
. Holland Press Cartographica, 5.
      Rev. edn. London: Holland, l98O. AMORY BLG. Ol6.9l2.SHI

Skelton, Raleigh A. Decorative Printed Maps of the Fifteenth to
      Eighteenth Centuries: A Revised Edition of Old Decorative
      Maps and Charts by A. C. Humphries
. London: Staples, l952.
      [Maps, not mappae mundi, but the early parts are useful.] q

---. Explorers' Maps: Chapters in the Cartographic Record of
      Geographical Discovery
. London: Routledge, l958. Ch.I: Marco
      Polo and the mapmakers; Ch.2: Portugese seaway to the Indies.
      q 9l2.

---. Looking at an Early Map. Kansas Univ. Publications,
      Library Series, l7. Lawrence: Kansas Univ. Libraries, l965.
      [Cautionary tales of how maps have been misinterpreted. Only
      section IV on "Map Workshops" strictly relevant to us.] GEOG.
      ROOM 9l2

---. [Review of The Gough Map.] Geographical Journal, l25
      (l959): 237. [Review of E. S. Parsons.] P9lO.6

Swayne, J. C. A Concise Glossary of Geographical Terms. London:
      Philip, l956. [Useful for those who muddle latitude and
      longitude, for example.] 9lO.3 and AMORY BLG., 9lO.3

Tooley, Ronald V. Maps and Mapmakers. London: Batsford, l949.
      AMORY BLG. 9l2

---., and Charles Bricker. A History of Cartography: 25OO Years
      of Maps and Mapmakers
. London: Thames and Hudson, l969. 2
      copies. 9l2.TOO and ATLAS SEC. 9l2.TOO.

Vaughan, R. Mathew Paris. ......., l958. [On a l3th century
      map-maker]. 942.O3

The World Map by Richard of Haldingham in Hereford Cathedral
      circa A.D. l285
. Royal Geographical Society Reproductions of
      Early Manuscript Maps, 3. London: Royal Geographical Society,
      l954. [In sections, to be handled wih great care.] AMORY

Wright, John K. The Geographical Lore of the Time of the
      Crusades: A Study in the History of Medieval Science and
      Tradition in Western Europe
. American Geographical Society,
      Research Series, l5. New York: American Geographical Society,
      l925; S9lO.6 and CITY LIBRARY.

There are a number of relevant microfilms:

Cambridge: University Library, MS. Ii.4.26. MICROFILM.

Guillaume Le Clerc. Bestiary. London: British Library, MS. Cotton Vespasian A.VII. MICROFILM.

London: British Library, MS. Add.ll283. Bestiarium. [English, Black and White, line drawings] MICROFILM.

London: British Library, MS. Harley 3244. Bestiarium. [Black and white, line drawings] MICROFILM.

Oxford: Bodleian Library, MS. Ashmole l5ll. [English, late l2th- century.] MICROFILM.

Oxford: St John's College, MS. St John's 6l. Bestiary. [Colour.] MICROFILM.

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