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Medieval Hunting, Falconry, Angling, and Horsemanship

  • Gunnar Brusewitz, "Hunting - Hunters, game, weapons and hunting methods from the
        remote past to the present day,"Esselte EB, Stockholm, 1967; English
        translation by Wahlstrom and Widstrand, Stein and Day, New York, 1969.

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        History," Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London,

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        Scribners Sons, New York, 1939.

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        Edition Leipzig, 1977, English Version by Ruth Michaelis-Jena and
        Patrick Murray, M.B.E. F.S.A (Scot), Arco Publishing, New York, 1980.

  • Huth, "Bibliographical record of Hippology."

  • "Bibliotheque Marcel Jeanson, Premiere Partie, Chasse, (Auction Catalogue),"
        Sotheby's Monaco S.A., November 1986.

    [Marcel Jeanson (1885-1942) was a very major French collector. He had acquired in the 1930s the complete library of another great collector Henri Gallice of Epernay, who had in turn acquired large portions of other important collections, including that of the Duke of Hamilton. Several important MSS. are described.]

  • Dodgson Hamilton Madden, "The Diary of Master William Silence - A Study of
        Shakespeare & of Elizabethan Sport," Longmans, Green, & Co., London,
        1897; reprinted Greenwood Press, New York, 1969.

  • Dodgson Hamilton Madden, "A Chapter of Medieval History - The Fathers of the
        Literature of Field Sport and Horses, 1924; reprinted Kennikat Press,
        Port Washington, N.Y./London, 1969.

  • Agnieszka Samsonowicz, "Lowiectwo w Polsce Piastow i Jagiellonow (Hunting in
    Piast and Jagiellonian Poland)," Zaklad Norodowy im. Ossolinskich, Wydawnictwo Polskiej
        Akadenii Nauk, Tom LXII, Studia i Historii Kulturny Materialnej, Wroclaw,

    [Contains an English summary. Good bibliography as well.]

  • Carl Franz Georg Richard Schwerdt, "Hunting, Hawking, Shooting illustrated in a
        catalogue of books, manuscripts, prints and drawings, " Volumes I-III,
        1928, Volume IV, 1937, Waterlow and Sons, London, red leather 50 copies,
        green leather 300 copies; reprinted Georg Olm Verlag, Hildesheim, Zurich,
        New York, 1985.

    [Richard Schwerdt (3/12/1862-1/2/1939) and his wife Mathilde (1869-?) nee Brentano for 50 years formed and catalogued their extraordinary collection. They were mere collectors, and evidently did not read their books. The collection was auctioned after Schwerdt's death most disadvantageously in four auctions at Sotheby's in 1939, and in two more in March and July of 1946. Because of the Depression and the War, the market was depressed, and the Schwerdts' books were sold for far less than they had paid for them. The principal rarities have been acquired by libraries and universities, and few of these are ever likely to be seen on the market again.]

  • R. Souhart, "Bibliographie Generale des Ouvrages sur la Chasse la Venerie & la
        Fauconnerie publies ou composes depuis le XVe siecle jusqu'a ce jour en
        Francais, Latin, Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol, Italien, Etc., avec des Notes
        critiques et l'indication de leur Prix et de leur valeur dans les
        differentes ventes," Paris, 1886, 500 velum copies, 50 Holland copies;
        reprinted Zentralantiquariat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik,
        Leipzig, 1968.

  • J. Thiebaud, "Bibliograpie des Ouvrages Francais sur La Chasse," Emile Nourry, editeur,
        Libraire Cynegetique, Paris, 1934, Complement X, Les Maitres de la
        Venerie; reprinted Gibert Jeune, Paris, 1974, 1000 copies.

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