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Arthur's Britain

Compiled by Lynn Nelson
The Bibliography is not intended to be exhaustive, but merely to
provide you with initial guidance.  You are encouraged to look
for other relevant materials.
     a.   Roman Britain. Organization and way of life.          
     b.   The organization and character of the Roman army       
     c.   The Northern Frontier          
     d.   The Western Frontier          
     a.   Celtic society          
     b.   Celtic myth and folklore          
     c.   Celtic language and literature          
     d.   The archaeology of Celtic Britain          
     a.   The origins of the Anglo-Saxons          
     b.   Germanic society and economy          
     c.   Germanic myth and legend          
     d.   The Roman frontier in the West          
     a.   The Roman usurpers: Magnus Maximus and 
          Constantine III.          
     b.   The Roman "withdrawal": its nature and date.          
     c.   Britain after Roman departure.          
     d.   The Anglo-Saxon invasions: did they happen? 
          If so, when?          
     a.   Anglo-Saxon expansion: the North.          
     b.   Anglos-Saxon expansion: the West and South          
     b.   Celtic migration to Armorica.          
     c.   Historical evidence of conflict.          
     a.   Arthur before Geoffrey of Monmouth.          
     b.   The dates of Arthur.          
     c.   Was Arthur a northern or southwestern leader?          
     d.   Arthur and Roman traditions.          
     a.   The significance of Glastonbury.          
     b.   What and where was Camelot?          
     c.   Material culture of the post-Roman Britons          
     d.   Celtic and Saxon warfare          
     a.   Geoffrey of Monmouth.          
     b.   Chretien de Troyes.          
     c.   The Quest of the Holy Grail.          
     d.   Thomas Malory.          
     a.   Arthur and the Round Table.          
     b.   Lancelot du Lac and Guenevere.          
     c.   Gawain and the Holy Grail.          
     d.   Percival.          
     a.   The Plantagenet appropriation of Arthur.          
     b.   The Tudor appropriation of Arthur.          
     c.   The Victorian appropriation of Arthur.          
     d.   The modern appropriation of the legend.          
     a.   Rosemary Sutcliff          
     b.   T.H. White and Jay Lerner and Frederick Lowe          
     c.   Hudson Talbot and Walt Disney Enterprises.          
     d.   Mary Stewart          
     a.   "The Once and Future King"          
     b.   The Holy Grail          
     c.   The figure of Merlin          
     d.   Camelot          
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